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It was the spring of 1979. Smith-Miller, Incorporated, which had made trucks of about 1/16 scale under that name as well as "Smitty Toys" and "M.I.C." (derived from Miller-Ironson Corporation), had been defunct for about 23 years. Each day the current owner of the remains of the company assets would walk through what had been the Smith-Miller plant in Los Angeles to an area at the rear of the building. There he operated a separate and different type of business. He probably did so without realizing or caring that the work benches, boxes, barrels, crates and even rafters contained toy trucks and parts sought by hundreds of persons around the country. There was an occasional inquiry about the defunct company, probably not enough to indicate how collectible Smith-Miller trucks were or might become. However, there was one local resident that seemed to show considerable interest, especially in getting needed parts for trucks he owned.

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